And the award goes to?

Another baby is awarded! I want to thank everyone for the opportunity to win another award and thank the account person for stating my name at the podium. It was a pleasure working on this one. It was one of my last projects at my previous place of employment over a year ago.

Manny Award Winner -

"Ignite Health was awarded the Manny for Best Interactive Campaign for Created for client Centocor, is an online film-screening experience centered around Innerstate, a documentary film that follows the lives of three people with chronic diseases of the immune system; Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and plaque psoriasis."

Thanks again to all who voted! I also wanted to thank Centocor for having the vision to develop and deliver such a wonderful piece of cinema. Without such a wonderful film to build around, it would have never happened. A special thanks to my mother who does have psoriasis and lives her life differently due to modern medicine. With her and her condition I have developed a very different understanding.

Good luck next year MANNY AWARD NOMINIES!!!!!



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