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March 2, 2010
ChatRoulette Explained
By Carl Desmond
And the award goes to?
rockstar freelancer ebook

After purchasing this book a while back and having recommended it to numerous friends and freelancers...

101 Five-Minute Fixes to Incrementally Improve Your Web Site

A webmaster's work is never done. What may have worked a few years ago when could be outdated today, so it's important to constantly improve your Web site.

site preparation

Once you have reviewed and considered the getting started section you are ready for site development. Site preparation is an essential part in the web development process. This is where YOU develop the content for YOUR site.

site publishing

Site publishing is the nice part. If you have completed the steps from getting started and collected the materials needed from preparing your site, publishing your site should be a breeze.

getting started

Whether you chooose the niceguy system or notsoniceguy system, you will need to understand the process of getting started. Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

evolving client content

“Content management systems are only as good as the content they manage. Garrity explores the care and feeding of low-budget clients who need high-quality content.”